Yew box with Spalted Hornbeam lid & Mahogany handle

[Yew box with Spalted Hornbeam lid & Mahogany handle]

I had a piece of Yew 7.5cm sq and 45cm in length that is sold primarily for turning on a lathe. I like to saw these down to approx 1cm thick mini planks. From this I can make about three small boxes of the type shown here. I have always been a little shy of using the lathe when I see the huge heaps of shavings that accumulate at your feet whilst shaping an article on a lathe. The simple act of making the piece round loses about 20% of the volume.

Even doing as I do means that after running through the planer to remove the saw cuts, it reduces the thickness from 10mm to 8mm; again a 20% reduction but at least that is the end of the waste, whereas in the final shaping on the lathe it could put another 20% on the floor. Size 20cm x 7.5cm x 7cm

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£18 with free post and packing to mainland UK.