Terms and conditions

Please be aware that some timbers once common are now under threat from illegal logging.

I will not use timbers derived from these sources.

All statutory legal rights for you as a consumer will be fully guaranteed.

Please bear in mind that wood is a living dynamic product. Even in the cut state a piece of timber, whether in log, plank or man made form, will react to temperature and humidity. This can cause splits twists and movement which could open joints and cause binding on lids. The items produced will be constructed from both air dried and kiln dried timbers. The final finish will be as requested and suitable reapplication at reasonable intervals should be applied. This should result in the minimum of movement once the item is constructed as long as the item is kept within the normal home environment. (average temperature 68°C-72ºC @ 60% -70% humidity)

All items will arrive with description of timber used and finish applied.

Initial deposit for commissioned items

This will be charged at the cost price of the basic materials.

The quantity of materials used will be closely but not necessarily consistent with the quantity purchased for the commission.

As these will be built to your own specification regarding type of timber and dimensions or as close as possible to your specification that the material allows it may be necessary to retain all or part of the deposit should you decide that the item is not to your satisfaction.

Unfortunately a relatively large margin for defects has to be allowed for in some timbers. This can be most noted in recycled timbers but with positive design some of these defects can even be incorporated into the finished piece.

The final appearance will be that which is closest to the customers request taking into account any material constraints.

Production of finished article

The amount of time required to complete the item will vary in accordance with the sourcing of the materials and the size and shape of the item. It will not be possible to give an exact delivery date initially. An estimate of availability will be provided but not guaranteed. A final estimate will be provided after the commision and sourcing of materials is complete. Should it happen that an item will not be available in a reasonable time from the final estimate I will endeavour to complete the item within 7 working days of this final estimate or refund the deposit.

In the interest of fair customer relations should a dispute arise a third party adjudicator agreed by both parties would be sought to settle the dispute.

Non-commissioned items

Full payment must be made before dispatch of item.

All pictorial representation of items on the site will endeavour to be a true and accurate description.

Any major defects will be shown and described but remember that these will normally be natural in design and not a defect in manufacture.

Postage and Packaging

No charge will be made for standard Post Office delivery within the UK mainland.

Any address outside this area or any guaranteed delivery request will be charged at published Parcel Force rates and notified to the customer before dispatch.