Teak box with Yew lid

[Teak box with Yew lid]

The short plank of Yew that I got hold of from a local timber trader has now been utilised completely. The only waste was some shavings from the planer and some sawdust from the cutting. The very last piece is now the lid of this box.

I have tried to keep the contours of the waney edges as much as possible with only a slight shaving from one corner, more for safety’s sake than anything else. [Teak box with Yew lid]The two ‘wings’ at the rear proved to be a perfect mount for the hinges, complementing the gentle curves at the front.

I finished it with Danish oil and a good buffing. The Teak that forms the shell of the box was purchased about 6 years ago as a pallet of off-cuts from a furniture factory. Amazing to think timber like this used to be thrown away. Size 23cm x 16cm x 7.5cm.

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£42 with free post and packing to mainland UK.