Listed here are the boxes I have in stock, ready for immediate delivery. For more details on each, simply click on the image.

Square boxes with overlapping lids. Made with Ash for the sides and Light Oak veneered lids. Sized at 21.5cm x 21.5cm and 8cm high. Finished in either Neutral beeswax or Peruvian Mahogany beeswax which gives a warm reddish brown colour.
Wedding cake box. Three tiers therefore three boxes for the price of one. Constructed from Ash with Sapelle lid, on the top tier, plus triangular inserts on bottom and centre tiers. The base has a mahogany beading and it is topped with an antiqued brass handle.
Pentagonal shaped box, with lid mounted on twin brass butterfly hinges. The body is constructed from American Black Walnut and the lid from the same but with creamy Box wood set into the sides. Finished with beeswax and polished to a satin shine.
Sporting a Black Walnut top with an antiqued brass handle, this hexagonal shaped box produced quite a few headaches in the building. Spalted Hornbeam is a not very commonly available timber which is a great shame because it is really beautiful when finished.
Although a hard wood (believe me it blunts your tools quite quickly) Purpleheart has a tendency to show up small crumbly patches so appears blotchy when polished. The upshot of this is the interesting way in which the light is reflected from the surface as you change your view point.
I have tried to keep the contours of the waney edges as much as possible with only a slight shaving from one corner, more for safety’s sake than anything else. The two ‘wings’ at the rear proved to be a perfect mount for the hinges, complementing the gentle curves at the front.
I had a piece of Yew 7.5cm sq and 45cm in length that is sold primarily for turning on a lathe. I like to saw these down to approx 1cm thick mini planks. From this I can make about three small boxes of the type shown above.
This has to be the largest box I have made and with the timber being 2cm thick it is quite heavy. One thing that has me puzzled is the wood itself. It looks like Oak, it is as hard as Oak (Oak gets harder as it ages) but it does not smell like Oak when it is cut.