Brazilian Purpleheart with Boxwood and Ebony inlay

[brazilian purpleheart

The Mature tree can reach heights of 100-150 feet and attain a diameter of up to 4 feet. They are commonly found in the Amazon basin and throughout the South American countries such as Colombia, Guyana and Venezuela. Although a hard wood (believe me it blunts your tools quite quickly), it has a tendency to show up small crumbly patches so appears blotchy when polished. The upshot of this is the interesting way in which the light is reflected from the surface as you change your view point.
The strange thing about the tree itself is that the sapwood is a creamy white colour and only the heartwood, which is dark brown, turns a rich purple colour when cut.
Prolonged exposure to light will darken the purple colour back to brown so don’t keep it on the window cill. The box is 21cm(L) x 10cm(W) x 7cm(H).

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