Dust and Safety

Posted by tony on Apr 15, 2008

I have always been very aware of the amount of dust created in the workshop. This is very apparent when the cobwebs become visible up in the rafters.

I have been working on a box using reclaimed Oak. If you read about the damage done to the churches by the old enemy the Deathwatch Beetle you can see that old Oak can become riddled with worm. These pesky creatures can turn a

solid piece of Oak into a crumbling block with all the strength of tissue paper.

Now the Oak I am using is nowhere near crumbling away but never-the-less has plenty of wormy holes. This means, that when you work with it, the dust is extremely fine. My first line of defence is a powered filter set above my bench. This runs nearly all the time but I’m beginning to think it is not enough. I was using a power sander to remove some saw marks and this has its own built in filter so I thought I should be OK. Normally I wear a face mask and filter when I’m sanding but today I made a big mistake and left it off.

Please don’t make the same mistake. I spent most of the evening with red raw eyes and a hacking cough.

Moral. Always, Always make safety your first priority.

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