Next Venue of 2014

Posted by tony on Jul 19, 2014

Our next venue is, as featured on Radio Norfolk Treasure Quest, the Summer craft fair at Castle Acre. This will be from 11am ’till 4pm. It will be in and around the Village Hall which can be found in Pye’s Lane. For the sat nav look up PE32 2XB. Look forward to a good crowd and hope the fine weather is around as we will be outside in our blue gazebo.

West Acre Theater update

Posted by tony on Jun 29, 2014

It was quite a successful day what with the torrential downpours and flooded roads in the East. I was able to sell several items and had a good few enquiries for items that I could produce if requested. I had a lovely coffee table in Oak, that was admired by a number of people, on display. What with the rush to promote and make and sell new items the web page for sales is in great need of updating. I hope to inform my web master of my needs within the next few days. If there were any items you wanted, that are not shown on the page at the moment, please get in touch via the contact page or if you have one of my cards please phone and I will endeavour to get the items to you. The cost of postage is rather steep so if you are not too distant I could offer personal delivery of large items for a small charge of £0.50p per mile.

I hope to attend one of the next Castle Acre fairs, possibly the August 3rd or in time for Christmas at the Festive fair on December 7th. I will post nearer to the time.

Many thanks to all my customers it is much appreciated especially the positive comments that were made.

Westacre Theatre June 29th

Posted by tony on Jun 16, 2014

Getting ready for next sale. New products include two clocks, picture frames, a large coffee table some unfinished boxes that had been set aside for a while and now finished, cheese boards seem to be in demand and I have sourced some fancy cheese knives to go with them. Hope to see a good crowd on the day.

First sales show of the year

Posted by tony on Jun 8, 2014

Having said that the sales were at rock bottom we got a chance to show at a centenary garden party for the Sacred Heart C. School in Swaffham. It was a terrible day weather wise with torrential rain and thunder and lightning which kept the crowds away. We did however have some success and made a few encouraging sales.

Next time we will be at Westacre Theatre in Westacre just outside Swaffham. With any luck we could make some more sales.

Items ready for sale at Sacred Heart Centenery Garden Party 7/6/14

Items ready for sale at Sacred Heart Centenery Garden Party 7/6/14

The big synth

Posted by tony on Jun 4, 2014


With the sales of my wood craft at rock bottom I have spent my time building my “big synth”. This first picture shows the majority of the modules I’ve built but not the whole assembly. I have since expanded the rack system but not yet pictured it. I shall have to get a wide angle lens to picture the whole unit or photograph it in sections as the studio is not large enough to get the whole thing in one. This has become very addictive but this Saturday, 7th June,I will be taking time out to revisit my boxes with a stand at the Sacred Heart School , Centenary Garden Party in Swaffham Norfolk. I hope to make a few sales even just recoup the stand cost would be nice. Optimistic or pessimistic, what to be?.

Woodworking and Music

Posted by tony on Apr 15, 2013

I have been turning my attention to combining woodworking and electronic music. Having had very little experience of electronics, but for a long time a love of electronic music, I thought what better way to combine them than build an electronic synthesizer.

I started by researching the availability of various units; ready assembled ones were plentiful but pricey. I really wanted to build my own from the PCB upwards. I knew that my knowledge of electronic design was negligible so I looked for a source that would offer the chance of providing schematics and a supply of ready etched PCBs.

My very first purchase was from a German company, Doepfer, (  who are one of the biggest suppliers of modular synths. One can purchase anything from a single unit to a massive setup of hundreds of modules. Obviously the more you buy the more it costs but going down this path can be a long term project that builds as you can afford it. What I bought was the Doepfer DIY Synthn – a ready made and populated cct (circuit) board that just needed putting together with the relevant controls and inputs and outputs.

As an introduction it was a steep learning curve because there were no real instructions or guides that helped one use the thing after it had been built. Like so many electronic gadgets these days you can find reams of stuff about how it works but very little about how to work it – (a pet theme of mine). I was pleased to find that when I first turned on the power it at least made some interesting noises but it was a lot later that I began to work out what to plug in and where, what knob to twiddle etc. before it gave out any meaningful sounds. I mounted all the controls on an aluminium plate 500mm x 220mm which I built into a simple box made from American Black Walnut that I had left over from a previous project.

I really wanted to go a little further than this as it was really only an exercise in wiring. I bought myself a few books and started to read up on the basics of electronics. Having worked for BT for more years than I care to remember, I was not a complete numpty and could follow a lot of the text. ‘I understand all the words but not the sentence’ a favourite saying of mine.

Well, now I was a little more knowledgeable I went back to the web and discovered a great site, Music From Outer Space. This is run by a guy by the name of Ray Wilson who is keen to promote modular synthesis at a reasonable price and a look at his site ( will demonstrate just that. Cheap? yes! but quality is first rate as my first order proved.

Ray is very keen on making sure that the novice builder does not make the mistake of biting off more than they can chew. He has masses of advice on how to start gently and his first project recommendation is the aptly named Weird Sound Generator.

Everything is covered from the schematics to required components, from circuit board layout to an example for a faceplate on which to mount all the knobs and switches, even layouts for the tracks on the PCB for those more experienced who make their own. Pay the site a visit and you will see what I mean. I am on my fifth project now and have moved up to creating a much larger modular incorporating the various types of module that go to make up a fully functioning Synth.



Local Enterprises

Posted by tony on Nov 23, 2010

Having lived in the Village for 8 years now I get to see many familiar faces but it’s sad in a way that names are a different matter. Most people are just flashing by in their cars, on the way to somewhere or other, so a quick wave or nod of acknowledgement is the norm.

I dare say that this is a familiar scenario most where ever one buy viagra online goes. The pace of life seems to have accelerated over the past few years and keeps on doing so.

To try and make a small change in this the Parish Council, (I am a member) are putting together a new web site to bring to the attention of villagers and all a focal point to exchange news and views, memories and plans and just about anything that would be of interest to the many or the few.

If you read this and are interested then as soon as the site has met approval the address will be posted to the world at large and I’m sure any search engine will direct you to it.

Hope to see you there.

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Wretton Church Marathon Read

Posted by tony on Oct 1, 2010

Not my usual kind of update but just thought I’d get in a plug for our Village church.
There is to be a marathon reading of the King James Bible, from start to finish. This to take place over 3 cialis 10mg days, 7th,8th & 9th of October 2010, celebrating 400 years since first publication. Anyone can take part and read for up to 15mins at a time. Contact the organisers on 01366 500960 or 01366 500138 if you would like to take part.

Economic Downturn

Posted by tony on Sep 19, 2010

A year has gone by since I last posted. The economic downturn has been pretty severe for my little business and I have had no sales at buy cialis online all. I can only think that the essentials of life are what any cash is being spent on.

So to make ends meet I have taken up gardening as an aside and look after a retired ambassadors garden for him. I think it is the short chats that I have with him that makes the task very interesting as he has told me of the people he met and the countries where he was the governments representative, little backroom tales that you never read in the papers.

Most of his postings were to Latin American countries and he speaks good Spanish which is very handy as my wifes first language is Spanish and they get on famously.

Hopefully the Coalition Gov. will start to make an impact soon and get rid of some of the insane amounts of debt run up by the previous powers. I do hope that the Unions will get their collective heads on straight and realise that causing mayhem will benefit no-one. The only way out is for all of us to work together no matter how bitter we feel. After all, we rode the wave together in one way or another, so now that it has come onshore we have to help turn the tide.

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New Line in Prints

Posted by tony on Sep 8, 2009

I have recently revived my interest in photography by upgrading to a DSLR camera so that I can get a little more creative and also add to the items I would like to market on the site. I have in mind a line of exclusive 1 off photographic prints set in a frame which will be constructed by me using a selection of hard woods (none of your supermarket cheapo stuff). Each one will be absolutely exclusive, printed on high quality paper and guaranteed never to be repeated. The picture will be signed and dated buy cialis online on the back and all other terms and conditions as stated on the site will apply.
Over the next week or so I hope to put up a selection of my best pictures – these will consist mainly of birds, wild life and scenery.
Watch this space.

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