West Acre Theater update

Posted by tony on Jun 29, 2014

It was quite a successful day what with the torrential downpours and flooded roads in the East. I was able to sell several items and had a good few enquiries for items that I could produce if requested. I had a lovely coffee table in Oak, that was admired by a number of people, on display. What with the rush to promote and make and sell new items the web page for sales is in great need of updating. I hope to inform my web master of my needs within the next few days. If there were any items you wanted, that are not shown on the page at the moment, please get in touch via the contact page or if you have one of my cards please phone and I will endeavour to get the items to you. The cost of postage is rather steep so if you are not too distant I could offer personal delivery of large items for a small charge of £0.50p per mile.

I hope to attend one of the next Castle Acre fairs, possibly the August 3rd or in time for Christmas at the Festive fair on December 7th. I will post nearer to the time.

Many thanks to all my customers it is much appreciated especially the positive comments that were made.

Westacre Theatre June 29th

Posted by tony on Jun 16, 2014

Getting ready for next sale. New products include two clocks, picture frames, a large coffee table some unfinished boxes that had been set aside for a while and now finished, cheese boards seem to be in demand and I have sourced some fancy cheese knives to go with them. Hope to see a good crowd on the day.

First sales show of the year

Posted by tony on Jun 8, 2014

Having said that the sales were at rock bottom we got a chance to show at a centenary garden party for the Sacred Heart C. School in Swaffham. It was a terrible day weather wise with torrential rain and thunder and lightning which kept the crowds away. We did however have some success and made a few encouraging sales.

Next time we will be at Westacre Theatre in Westacre just outside Swaffham. With any luck we could make some more sales.

Items ready for sale at Sacred Heart Centenery Garden Party 7/6/14

Items ready for sale at Sacred Heart Centenery Garden Party 7/6/14

The big synth

Posted by tony on Jun 4, 2014


With the sales of my wood craft at rock bottom I have spent my time building my “big synth”. This first picture shows the majority of the modules I’ve built but not the whole assembly. I have since expanded the rack system but not yet pictured it. I shall have to get a wide angle lens to picture the whole unit or photograph it in sections as the studio is not large enough to get the whole thing in one. This has become very addictive but this Saturday, 7th June,I will be taking time out to revisit my boxes with a stand at the Sacred Heart School , Centenary Garden Party in Swaffham Norfolk. I hope to make a few sales even just recoup the stand cost would be nice. Optimistic or pessimistic, what to be?.