Local Enterprises

Posted by tony on Nov 23, 2010

Having lived in the Village for 8 years now I get to see many familiar faces but it’s sad in a way that names are a different matter. Most people are just flashing by in their cars, on the way to somewhere or other, so a quick wave or nod of acknowledgement is the norm.

I dare say that this is a familiar scenario most where ever one buy viagra online goes. The pace of life seems to have accelerated over the past few years and keeps on doing so.

To try and make a small change in this the Parish Council, (I am a member) are putting together a new web site to bring to the attention of villagers and all a focal point to exchange news and views, memories and plans and just about anything that would be of interest to the many or the few.

If you read this and are interested then as soon as the site has met approval the address will be posted to the world at large and I’m sure any search engine will direct you to it.

Hope to see you there.

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