Economic Downturn

Posted by tony on Sep 19, 2010

A year has gone by since I last posted. The economic downturn has been pretty severe for my little business and I have had no sales at buy cialis online all. I can only think that the essentials of life are what any cash is being spent on.

So to make ends meet I have taken up gardening as an aside and look after a retired ambassadors garden for him. I think it is the short chats that I have with him that makes the task very interesting as he has told me of the people he met and the countries where he was the governments representative, little backroom tales that you never read in the papers.

Most of his postings were to Latin American countries and he speaks good Spanish which is very handy as my wifes first language is Spanish and they get on famously.

Hopefully the Coalition Gov. will start to make an impact soon and get rid of some of the insane amounts of debt run up by the previous powers. I do hope that the Unions will get their collective heads on straight and realise that causing mayhem will benefit no-one. The only way out is for all of us to work together no matter how bitter we feel. After all, we rode the wave together in one way or another, so now that it has come onshore we have to help turn the tide.

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