Creature comforts, Self help on the food side.

Posted by tony on Apr 24, 2009

Well I feel that Spring has truly come at last after a week of glorious sunshine in Norfolk.
The only dark cloud on the scene, I nearly said horizon but it has been sitting overhead for the last few months, is the economic one.
To combat the cost of living many people are turning to their gardens and growing their own fruit and vegetables. Others are going that one step further and looking to put meat on the table. I don’t advocate a cow in the back yard but fresh eggs would be a great way to start. Keeping hens is moving away from a fashion statement and into reality for a large number of people.
I have been getting a few enquiries about building ‘boxes’ for livestock and have been happy to meet the requirements of the asker. In fact it has opened up a new line of business that I have found very enjoyable.
If you look back at my blogs you should see my first hen house. This turned out to be a little fanciful but does the trick and houses happy hens. I have kept my latest house (will house 2-6, buy cialis online hens are very gregarious so don’t get just 1) to the more traditional design and my last client was extremely happy with it. I left it in a natural state and she tells me that she has painted it a summer blue colour, I shall try to get a picture to include. Many sites offer hen houses and they look very nice, so do the prices. Being semi-retired I don’t look for maximum profit; I prefer to go for satisfied customers and thus my prices seem suicidal compared to commercial firms.
Each house is mounted on a separate base, has a 2 compartment nest box, pop hole with sliding door, a rear panel that is completely removable and a floor that can be taken out for easy cleaning. They are constructed in 25mm thick tongue and groove redwood so when painted or treated should last a good length of time.
Who knows, Rabbits could be next.
Get in touch and see what I can do for you.
The only thing I cannot do is deliver free. On items this size it is either collect or pay for delivery I’m afraid. I can deliver in person if you are within 40miles radius but there would be a fee of 50p per mile to cover fuel costs.