Help the World with your PC Box

Posted by tony on Mar 12, 2009

Have just recently been involved with a world wide group of people who help each other with the problems they have with their PCs (Personal Computers). The friendliness of strangers is amazing and contrary to what one reads in the press not everyone is out to fleece their fellow man.
What has this got to do with boxes? you may ask. Well most peoples computer is a box under the desk or on the table in the corner and boxes can be very useful for a variety of things. Inside this particular box is a processor that can be utilised for the benefit of mankind. Sounds very high and mighty I know but when you think about it you can be doing something positive for science without really having to do much at all.
I speak of the ‘World Community Grid’. Take a moment to browse to their home page and see what they are all about. Better still go to the PCHF ( and join our team. It only takes moments and is perfectly safe. Go on give it a go, it costs nothing and is invaluable.

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