Summer time ends

Posted by tony on Oct 26, 2008

Well here we are once more at the end of a glorious summer. I don’t remember ever seeing so much rain over the summer months. One thing it has done is keep me busy inside the workshop. I had one very rewarding commision from a totally unexpected source, not financially but more in satisfaction. I was asked to produce some display boxes for the Garmin company ( and I was delighted by the reception they had, boosted my self esteem no end.
Another line of work was quite local and meant constructing a number of large external boxes for floral garden displays. These were well received and with luck could lead to more requests.
The terrible financial state of the country (world) will inevitably lead to a much harder task of gaining commissions but one can only plug along and hope that the downturn will not be too prolonged.
I have several items that I am working on at the moment, none are commissioned but I can’t stand being idle so I shall be firing up the old wood stove in the workshop and with a little diligence should be posting the items on the web


site in the not to distant future.
Stay warm and dry.